Thursday, 18 September 2008

Life mapping workshop with Brian Mayne

As a professional coach, I am a firm believer in Continuing Professional Development - an ongoing requirement for many professions - teaching, nursing, accounting, law, surveying, engineering and so forth. As part of my CPD, I am undertaking the Advanced Diploma of The Coaching Academy. Last Sunday, as part of that, I attended a Life Mapping workshop lead by Brian Mayne.
Brian has a fascinating history - brought up with travelling fairground folk, and moving from school to school, he left school at 13 unable to read or write.
As is so often the case, this did not prevent him from going on to run a highly successful nightclub for many years. However, in his late 20s his world crashed round his ears and he hit rock bottom. A life-changing experience showed him his purpose in life and he - together with his wife - have now designed a range of self-development products - Goal Mapping, Life Mapping, Self Mapping and so on to name but a few.
Brian's approach is designed around the different learning styles of the left and right brain - one side - the left brain normally being more detail focused - using words to express its thoughts, and the right brain normally being more holistic - using pictures to express its thoughts.
He is a firm believer in affirmations - I have tried these before with clients who have also reported success, though personally I have never stuck at them long enough. I will give it another go! I will also use some of these techniques in future coaching sessions.

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